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    hahaha, a little embarrassed about how funny i think this is...

    38 Reasons Why You Should Feel Better About Yourself. I really needed these today

    hahaha science pun..

    animal puns hahaha

    I laughed more at this than is normal.

    I laughed too hard at this one

    I love puns so much :')


    If you can think of a better fish pun, let minnow. Haha

    Alpaca Lovers Parking Sign So where do we park to go see the alpacas? This great sign answers that question for your farm visitors. Also a clear expression of your love of alpacas, whether you have them at home or are dreaming of having them someday.

    Oh, Ramsay...does he know how funny he is? ROTFL#!!!


    LOLOLOLOL pommies are my favorite

    I laughed

    Laughed a little too hard at this.

    so funny and stupid

    Just died

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    Release the Quackin!

    I Before E T-Shirt, women's medium $25

    Uh oh. The Llamas are gathering! The first sign of the Alpacalypse!