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    Legendary Sniper, Carlos Hathcock

    Carlos Hathcock

    Real heroes cry too

    Carlos Hathcock. Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed and 360 Unconfirmed Kills including a 2500 meter kill with A Browning .50 Machine Gun he added a scope to. While burning alive he pulled 7 Marines out of a burning vehicle that ran over a land mine. He died in 1999 from multiple sclerosis.

    Sgt Carlos Hathcock, Vietnam, 1968.

    SACRIFICE! First Lieutenant Sam Brown ♥ link to his story

    A true hero…up for Nobel Peace prize, but Al Gore won.

    Chris Kyle - 10 year SEAL, deadliest sniper in American history, 5 bronze stars and 2 silver stars. And punched Jesse Ventura in the face.

    Great man.


    ..._Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron held the record for most confirmed kills by an American sniper (109 kills) until 2011 when he was replaced by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (160 kills).

    Carlos Hathcock US Marines

    RIP former SEAL sniper Chris Kyle

    Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle: Americans.

    Carlos Haithcock--Marine sniper

    Carlos Hathcock, the great and legendary Marine Sniper.

    Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, deadliest sniper in U.S. military history (April 1974 - February 2013)

    Charles Benjamin "Chuck" Mawhinney, USMC sniper Vietnam - most confirmed kills