Silly pony, this is so fucking funny ::::D

Little girl started crying because parents would buy her The dolly movie… Chucky Movie, creepy dolls again,

Funny Facebook Story!

About those cute parenting pictures... Find Funny stuff to Pin here:

So this is creepy.

Oh Tumblr, you so silly.

They Ordered 5 Pounds Of Gummy Bears, And They All Came To The Same Hilarious Conclusion...BIG MISTAKE - You have to read the user's reviews!! I seriously can't stop laughing!!!!

I laughed way too hard... this is awesome.

Menstrual Cramps explained! Finally!

True pictures are true

ALL thoughts which have been EMOTIONALIZED, and MIXED WITH FAITH, begin to INSTANTLY translate themselves into their physical equivalent. #quotes #success #entrepreneur #famous

these are so deep..

Whales trust fall.


It's not "No, Ferb." It's "Not yet, Ferb."


Why do I find this so funny?! Tehe

older than the internet