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Homemade Lotion Recipe Video Tutorial

If you've ever thought making lotion at home sounds way too complicated, you'll want to watch this video tutorial! Only four ingredients and it's SO EASY. #lotionrecipe #homemadelotion

The Great Wall of India

Great Wall of India– The Kumbalgarh Fort. This is the second largest continuous wall on the whole planet. There are 360 Hindu Temples within the fort complex, along with the Maharaja's Grand Palace, Yet bewilderingly, it is still little known outside of India!

TheBahamianPrincess♚ Abortion is actually destroying a child. Stfu if you don't know what you're talking about< Okay so riddle me this; When that mother is pressured into keeping her clump of cells (eventually to be child) and she gives birth, how will you help? When that child is starving will you supply food? When that child is sick will you give them medicine? When that child is homeless will you help them find shelter? When that child is dying will you care?

National Geographic, February 1983, Beirut, up from the rubble, photo: Steve McCurry - The Green Line was a line of demarcation in Beirut, Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, it separated the East from the West; the appellation refers to the coloration of the foliage that grew because the space was uninhabited. Now, many of the buildings have been rebuilt.

Drowned in Sound's Favourite Albums of 2013: Top 20

Thought I'd start this year's thread off. Denovali have put out a label sampler containing lots of great stuff (inlcuding Petrels, Poppy ...

Darjeeling, India, love this place the best tea in the would and also great momos... I went to a five days trek in the mountains around darjeeling- and the scenery was so overwhelming- the great Himalaya! #monogramsvacation

As the culture and lifestyle in India is so far removed from what many of us are used to, it can be hard to know what to pack to prepare for your travels there. Here are five things that we recommend you pack when travelling to India, all of which will come in handy no matter where you are in this magical country.