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Some insurance companies offering health coverage through the Affordable Care Act are overcharging for HIV drugs to deter people living with HIV from purchasing one of their plans.

Men accounted for 76% of all adults and adolescents living with HIV infection at the end of 2010 in the United States. Men who have sex with men account for most new and existing HIV infections among men. By race/ethnicity, black men have the highest rates of new HIV infections among all men.

from Washington Post

AIDS advocates say drug coverage in some marketplace plans is inadequate

Some plans sold on the online insurance exchanges, for instance, don’t cover key medications for HIV, or they require patients to pay as much as 50 percent of the cost per prescription in co-insurance — sometimes more than $1,000 a month.

The HIV epidemic is a huge challenge Nigeria is facing today. Over 3.4 million Nigerians live with HIV, making Nigeria the country with the second largest population of people living with HIV in the World. MSM and transgender people represent less than 1% of Nigerians but over 10% of new HIV infections occur among these populations. Providing targeted services and facilitating the free access of these populations to such services is therefore essential to end AIDS in Nigeria.

from Washington Post

A drug for people at risk of HIV infection has scientists and activists buzzing

A 2012 study of gay men that the department conducted found that only a third had heard of PrEP, but once they knew about it, 78 percent said they’d be interested in using it.

While Poverello does not endorse any particular treatment plan, we do encourage an open and honest conversation. Suppressing the virus to "undetectable" levels has long played a key role in maintaining the health of people with HIV. Recent research has also shown it can dramatically cut HIV transmission risk, with implications for individuals, couples, and populations.

Intuitively, it makes sense that Food and Nutrition Services improve health and reduce healthcare costs for people living with AIDS (PLWHA). In the last few years, however, groundbreaking research has demonstrated these facts explicitly.

The nutrition that goes into your mouth, from both food and nutrient supplements, can have a powerful impact for those wishing to live long and well with HIV.