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zapote negro

Mamey sapote or Zapote Fruit Tree

Matisia cordata / Bombacacae AKA: Sapota-do-solimões, zapote de monte, mamey colorado (Venezuela), sapote, zapote chupa chupa (Colômbia), sapota, milinillo (Ecuador), zapote (Peru); Po: sapota, sapota-do-peru; En: sapote; Fr: sapote du Pérou. (wikipédia)


Figs / Sarka Babicka

Persimmons #patternpod #beautifulcolor #inspiredbycolor

Apricots and Vintage Scale from Veronika Studer's photostream.


fresh green figs

Summer's End Jam

simply and totally stunning...pretty and petite.

Taça de Fruta | Fruit Bowl by Nikole Herriott's

green grapes...


Fruits?Frutas - #Fresh Fruit| http://fresh-fruit-recipe-candelario.flappyhouse.com

Cherries photo Ilva Beretta


pomegranate hibiscus jelly and honey ginger yogurt verrines


Fave or Broad Beans from @Ilva Ievina Beretta