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Handpainted glasses from dollar store. Great gift idea. Paint & cure.

How to paint glass.... Idea: Handprint or footprint on for Mom/Dad's Day: "Gloss acrylic paint and the sharpie paint pens. Let cure for 3 days. Then get krylon spray gloss and spray it on. Wait 1 day. And bake at 350 degrees. Put them in when you set the oven, then when it beeps time 30 mins and then turn off the oven and wait till it's completely cool and pull it out! Bam!"

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How to Paint Glass - What To Know

If you would like to paint glass, whether it’s glassware, a window, a vase or a jar there are a few things to know & ask yourself before you start. Will the piece be for decorative purposes or will it be exposed to heat or wear and tear? The answer …

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Thanks Nicole, This is going on my chalkboard for the whole summer. I always tell my kids if you are bored, it might mean you are a boring person. Ha....