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Poppy-Head Turkey, Carnegie Hall poster by Milton Glaser, 1968. "A rather strange 1960s poster with a surreal intent combining Poppy, a music company, and the idea of Thanksgiving"

jazz en claypole - typo/graphic posters Claypole is a little city placed in buenos aires outskirts. it's festival brings the most talented jazz musicians around the world to the humble neighbourhood where artists fell in love with the small housed landscape that gives concerts an unusual close atmosphere. max rompo and pontenpie designed the entire promotional poster series for each festival concert. (every poster photographies were taken by pontenpie)

FILLMORE POSTER 1967..This is a BEAUTIFUL poster...yet it's unsigned. Why? This is one of the most unusual of Fillmore posters because of the proportions. I like this one a lot, and framed, it would be a killer. Great graphic. I've just received a note from Pedar Ness who has a signed copy of this poster by there you have it! 16

FILLMORE POSTER 1967...This is a very unusual one from Bonnie doesn't even look like her work, but it makes for a haunting poster. 16

FILMORE POSTER 1968..This is one of the most unusual Fillmore posters of the looks like an Avalon poster. Done by R. Tuten, it's a very handsome piece and is in perfect condition. 16