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    One Of My Favorite Moments... ever

    best line, EVER! Black and Tan - fav. episode.


    Favorite Psych quote ever! This is totally what I would say! God, I love Psych!

    silenthillandponies: This has to be my favorite scene EVER in Psych!

    Psych :-)

    -and they dont even have a dalmation here, gus. -could you stop it with the dalmations already? -im just saying. it would be nice to see one in it's natural habitat. -they're not indiginous to firehouses, gus Psych


    Psych - One of my all time favorite psych quotes


    The moment I fell in love with Psych in Season 1.

    Oh Gus. Ha ha one of my favorite Psych quotes ever!

    my favorite line from psych....ever!


    shawn's a big softie (so's gus) -We'd Like to Thank the Academy

    "Psych" - Things Lassiter would rather do. One of my favorite running gags on the show.


    That time Niles called C.C. a vampire. | 17 Sassiest Moments From '90s TV Butlers

    Is there a psych fandom?<--yes. They're called Psych-o's I think<--And we rock.

    Saturday Night Live. One of my favorite skits ever.