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My favorite Seattle Artist Cindy Small made this whimsical banana piece for the Washington Banana Museum. Thank you, Cindy - I love it!

Andy Warhol - Banana (bright yellow piece of fruit adorned the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico's debut album)

This Chocolate Caramel Banana Upside-Down Skillet Cake has all the elements you look for in a great piece of cake! Chocolate - Check -- Buttery Brown sugar caramel - Got 'em! -- Ripe bananas - Heck yeah! And this cake begins and ends in a skillet. Can't get better than that!

Mary Tuma - homes for the disembodiednext piece 2000, remade 2003. 50 meters of continuous fabric, fallen trees, thread, stones, wire. approximately 10' x 25' x 7' (dimensions variable)

Quiz: How many of these 60s album covers do you recognise?

This was a given! The album cover for The Velvet Underground & Nico designed by Warhol is so iconic that people often refer to it as the “Warhol LP” or the “Banana album” #fruitart #iconic #popart

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