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A secret Bavarian society known as the Guglmänner, whose members dress in capes and hoods and claim to be guardians of the German monarchy, has long questioned the official version of King Ludwig II's death. http://thomryng.livejournal.com/611205.html

Train Car of King Ludwig II of Bavaria

The Swastika Its use in India dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization city of Harappa, and came to represent Vishnu in Hinduism.[4][1] In Chinese Taoism, the swastika is a symbol of eternity. For Tibetan Buddhism, it is emblematic of the element of Earth.[4] It is a common practice for Hindus to draw Swastika symbols on the doors and entrances to their houses during festivals, which is believed to symbolize an invitation to goddess Lakshmi.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, called "Mad King Ludwig." Some say he was killed by agents of Bismarck while under house arrest.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Symbol of the "Order of the Dragon" at Birthplace of Vlad Dracula | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Peacock Throne in the Linderhof Palace of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany.

Edward V. and Richard, Duke of York-The Princes in the Tower-England’s King Edward IV. died leaving his sons in the care of his brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Richard placed the boys in the Tower of London in preparation of the eldest son, Edward’s, coronation. The boys disappeared in 1483 and Richard assumed the throne. It was long assumed that Richard ordered the Princes murdered. Some historians now theorize Henry VII. may have been responsible for their deaths.

German soldiers taking the oath.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Black Sun+++Secret nazi Symbol+++ They know Planet X is real and they're hiding this fact. It's dangerous Earthquakes Volcanoes End Times Prophecy ATLANTEAN GARDENS: Banned Occult Secrets of the Vril Society

German poster: Fight against the common enemy with the Norsk Legion of the Waffen SS - Against Bolshevism.

Ludwig II

Maori carving at Hamilton Gardens.

magick squares / Sacred Geometry <3

During WWII women of the secret society called "Vril" grew their hair out very long, which was unusual for the time, and said they used their hair as a conductor to communicate with alien races.

Ancient Pueblo-Anasazi rock art of a warrior with a bear claw shield - New Mexico

The Duke of Windsor (1894 - 1972), who reigned briefly as King Edward VIII in 1936, as a boy, holding his baby brother Prince George, Duke of Kent, 1902 - two future kings (one born to the throne, the other never expecting it).

Saloon Coach of the Bavarian King Ludwig II

Larisa Kuzhuget, a Tuvan shamaness of the Adyg Eeren Shamanic Society