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Push Pops - remember these suckers? I do! ;P

Whistle Pops

push pop. ♡

The Corn Popper... totes had this... I remember playing with this even when it was broken and just jagged plastic, bhahahaa! I had that purple ball for years!

Astro Pop Candy

Ring Pops Candy

#History: Candy in the 1950s

songs from the 90s - ideas for the musical playlist. :) the first person to comment (Bernard Ellorin) also lists some good hits!

I Spy books

polly pocket

holy shit, bath beads!!!! for the 90's girls - smells we'll never forget! lol

Going to the Video Store to find a VHS movie

Teddy Ruxpin Toy

LOL '90s hair trends you forgot (or are still trying to).

Loved these!!!

ring pop candy

Pixie Sticks....penny candy

A handheld game as hard as this:

Fisher Price

Anything with a sweeter, more delicious smell than these: