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    take photos in low light

    • Taylor Dorey

      Low light photography tips. #photographytip @#phototip #photoschool #missoulaphotoschool #lowlightphotography

    • Izzy

      Low light photography tips <---These are great! The only one I don't agree with is putting your camera in Aperture priority mode; don't ever give up full control of your camera! Manual mode, ALWAYS! :)

    • Travel Boldly Travel Blog - Jerome Shaw -Writer/Photographer

      #PhotoTips: Low light #photography tips. Infographic #Photo #togs.

    • Michele Eisenberg-Challman

      low light photography tips. Some day I'll buy a good camera and learn how to use it.......*sigh*.....

    • Heidi Kinnamon

      Low light photography tips. Since I got a nice camera, I want to learn how to use it more!

    • Michelle Martin Overcash

      Take Photos in Low Light #photography #lighting #tips #lowlight

    • Dani Studabaker

      low light photo tips - features I want for my new camera

    • LeAnn Drake

      Low light photography tips. I love a good cheat sheet.

    • Cheryl Williams

      LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: 1. Crank up the ISO. The higher the ISO number, the more sensitive the camera’s sensor is to the light that is reaching it. The additional noise that is generated by using a high ISO can be filtered out somewhat in post-processing. Sometimes the extra grain adds a little something special to the shot. Shooting in RAW format allows for the most flexibility in post-processing. 2. Use a larger aperture. The larger the aperture, the more light is entering the lens. Shooting at f/5.6 lets in more light than shooting at f/18 (remember, the lower the number, the larger the aperture). 3. Slow down the shutter speed. More light is captured the longer the shutter remains open. Keep in mind that a good “rule of thumb” for clear hand-held shots is no slower than 1/60th of a second. Use a tripod if you’re shooting at anything slower than that, though I have had success at slower hand-held shots using lenses with image stabilization. 4. If you do have to use a flash, try to avoid the on-camera pop-up. It tends to flatten the appearance of the image because the light is hitting the subject directly. Invest in an off-camera flash, angle light so that it is not directly in front of the subject, and use reflective surfaces and diffusers to soften the light. Strategically placed constant light (such as tungsten lamps using soft white bulbs) work excellently for providing additional ambient light without sacrificing the atmosphere of the setting. 5. Use your camera’s exposure compensation capabilities. The scale on many of today’s DSLR’s allow from -3 to +3 stops in 1/3 stop increments (my 7D is +/-5). Dial the exposure compensation to the positive side to purposefully “overexpose” the photograph.

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