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pronk |prôNGk, präNGk| verb [ no obj. ] (of a springbok or other antelope) leap in the air with an arched back and stiff legs, typically as a form of display or when threatened. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Afrikaans, literally ‘show off,’ from Dutch pronken ‘to strut.’

Apple & Oakfrom Apple & Oak

Lovely little llama on canvas

This adorable llama will steal your heart! They are even cuter in person (yes it is possible)!! This cutie can be shipped directly to your home for only $10!  

alpaca kiss dog - Google Search

Dark Cycle Clothingfrom Dark Cycle Clothing

[ llama on a bicycle ] | pillow

The Design: Llama on a bicycle. The Pillow | Process | Care: This pillow case is made out of 100% Ramie and hand screenprinted with our exclusive llama on a bike design, then stuffed with a 100% duck

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

15 Llamas Who Just Do Not Give A Damn

This llama who is walking this human: | 15 Llamas Who Just Do Not Give A Damn THis is the type of quality list I go to buzzfeed in hopes of finding

Totes true! I LOVE LLAMAS!!!!!! But how can you keep calm when you are in love with llamas?????

Dakota - cria born at Figment Ranch (glad to see Figment is still around!) - She looks like my Mysti - what a cutie! #llama #cria tå√