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2.) How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2. It's difficult to pick just one U2 album to put on this list. I think this one is the one though. I'd say this is their most 'rocking' album they've put out. However, that doesn't stop Bono from spewing deep lyrics and The Edge's awesome riffs. Standout Tracks: City Of Blinding Lights, Yahweh

U2... Fab and Amazing Shot and what a performance 👌🏼 As always a pleasure to Photograph and certainly a pleasure to meet and watch ✌🏼️🙌🏼 So much ❤️!

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A Young U2.

U2 1984

U2 - song lyrics, music, quotes

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U2 love this picture

I love the band Radiohead. I am listening to them right now, as I write this. They influence my writing. They jam, and I write. They have some deeply intriguing music, melodies, and lyrics. I inspire to create as they have.

Led Zeppelin! It's still my favorite band ever. :)

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I know this is more of a music nerd thing...but Black Sabbath was going to be The Polka Tulk Blues Band!!? :/ But I like the name Johnny & the Moondogs. That's kinda neat

The Beatles. I have found, over the years, that The Beatles are an acquired taste - you either love them or hate them. As tremendously prolific artists throughout their run, it's difficult to isolate some favorites, but..."The Long and Winding Road," "When I'm 64," "All My Loving," "Help," "Here Comes The Sun," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "Til There Was You," "Ticket To Ride," "Love Me Do," "Paperback Writer," "Penny Lane"...and that's condensed!

U2, my favorite band.

It's refreshing to see some good stuff on pinterest instead of the crappy little boy bands.

Billie Joe Armstrong. Love me some Green Day

U2, Band

Red Hot Chili Peppers.. My favorite music artists