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Nudibranch (Chromodoris willani)_MG_2806 by UmizaruGoh, via Flickr

Nudibranch, and people wonder why I want to study these guys :D

The elysia chlorotica is half plant and half animal.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that it’s the only sea slug that is half plant and half animal.  This beauty is called “solar-powered” by scientists, as it steals chloroplasts from its food and undergoes photosynthesis to produce energy!  10 Sea Slugs Beautiful Enough To Be The Next Miss Universe - Cool Gizmo Toys

Chloroplast And Sea Slug Symbiosis: half-animal, half-plant! Elysia Chlorotica - a bright green, solar-powered, algae-slurping sea slug that’s still turning our understanding of the classification of life upside down.

Dondice banyulensis -- Nudibranch

Dondice banyulensis Nudibranch by Rai Fernandez. sometimes known as Godiva banyulensis, is a species of colorful sea slug, an aolid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk

Nudibranch and finger

Science: Nudibranch

i-want-to-be-friends-with-it: “ To show how small they actually are. I want to be friends with it. ” This is just a baby branch, but you should still want to be friends with it.

quand je me sens triste ou que le monde me fatigue, je regarde une photo de nudibranche et je me sens mieux :-)

The Naked Gills of Living Color: Nudibranchs

Incredible little creature! There are more than 3000 species of nudibranchs.This is Nembrotha purpureolineata (no common name yet) which lives in the Indo Pacific Ocean.

Tropical Fish Tank With GOLDEN ANGELFISH~!

Tropical Fish Tank With GOLDEN ANGELFISH~ we kept it in the warmest place in the house. We could not afford water heaters, so we poured a cup of hot water in now & then. It seemed to work. We never lost any.