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Vintage Place Card Holders Ribbon Gold Bow Table Setting Wedding Table Romantic Hollywood Regency

Ribbon Gold,Gold Bow,Greenphilosophie Housewares,Table Setting Wedding,Wedding Tables,Holders Ribbon,Romantic Hollywood,Hollywood Regency,Vintage Place Cards

Mid Century Modern MCM Designer Place Card Holders Pukeberg Knife Rests Sweden Dinner Party Table Settings 1960 60s

Mid Century Modern Designer Place Card Holders/ Knife Rests Dinner Party Table Settings 1960 60s

Vintage Ashtray and Match Box Gold Fake Bamboo Smoking Set Hollywood Regency

Set Hollywood,Hollywood Regency,Greenphilosophie Housewares,Bamboo Smoking,Fake Bamboo,Gold Fake,Smoking Set,Vintage Ashtray,Box Gold

Glass Salt Bird Dish White Gold Chic Festive Transparent Glitter

Festive Transparent,Transparent Glitter,Greenphilosophie Housewares,Salt Bird,Chic Festive,Bird Dish,Gold Chic,Dish White,Glass Salt

Vintage Glass Bird Figurine Murano Glass Fuchsia Cased Glass Figure Eames Era Italian Art Glass Gold Floaters Goose Paperweight Figurine

Floaters Goose,Gold Floaters,Goose Paperweight,Paperweight Figurine,Glass Fuchsia,Glass Gold,Figurine Murano,Bird Figurine,Era Italian

Vintage Napkin Rings Art Deco Women Girls Red White Breakfast Lunch Dinner Party Set 3 Three Faces Cute Table Setting Asian

White Breakfast,Breakfast Lunch,Setting Asian,Greenphilosophie Housewares,Girls Red,Women Girls,Lunch Dinner,Dinner Parties,Three Faces