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Which Noble Gas Are You?

Pokemon HeartGold: I nicknamed the Togepi that hatched from Professor Elm's egg "Toshiro" after Toshiro Mifune, because I think the evolved forms will need a heroic name. Use FLY Toshiro! (DS)

pokemon anime evolution do they even deal with that? XD "Hey high fiv-dammit"

I find myself short of words to describe the cuteness of this Pokemon. Togepi is even smaller in size than Pikachu and is undeniably cute. This is my favorite Pokemon, and no Pokemon comes even close to its cuteness. Misty has a Togepi. Togepi finds itself in trouble almost always, it's just like a small baby! Don't you agree Togepi is the cutest Pokemon,and the most adorable, and most lovable Pokemon as well? personally i dont think so....comment what you think the cutest pokemon is :)

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Togetic, I got one in my Pokémon X. I'm not gonna evolve it. Been using it to battle online. It kicks butt.

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