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Nothing like staying in on a rainy fall day

There is a very hard bonding between Tears and Rain, often both fall together in happiness and rain. Samar Sudha

Autumn Rain. Favorite Season! by overcomer.kyong

Fall (1) From: FlickR, please visit Like or repin is amazing. Check out All My Love by Noelito Flow =)

Morning Maple in Autumn. Taken on Beaver Lake in Asheville, NC

Rainy Path - French: "Chemin de Pluie" Tranqil background for your computer or mobile device.

Nature's first green is gold, // Her hardest hue to hold. // Her early leaf's a flower; // But only so an hour. // Then leaf subsides to leaf. // So Eden sank to grief, // So dawn goes down to day. // Nothing gold can stay. - - - Robert Frost, Nothing Gold Can Stay *

musabenedetta: darkerangels: iyoupapa:On the bridge (via Raoul Pop) (c) 2007 Raoul Pop under CC-BY-NC license.

Rich palettes of color, crisp as an apple, autumn tickles my senses as she awakens my playful inner child. ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)

"As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment.and sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment" -J.Steinbeck