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Ewan McGregor made his own lightsaber noises in each scene as he dueled. It had to be removed by editors in post-production.

I hope this is really true because its awesome

No one else could look so menacing in a kitchen

Never noticed, sneaky easter egg?

Københavns Lufthavn (CPH) (Københavns Lufthavn)

Musika. "Sharing good music!" Feel free to invite friends to the group. The main purpose of the group is sharing music, music related posts and events. The group is created for people living in Denmark. repin by

Scar's real name. Lion King revelations. Life changed. I will never be the same.

Gamers are less likely to have nightmares than non-gamers. I believe it- I've literally had dreams where I punched someone in the face, because I do that in games

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"Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something." — Simon Pegg