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Explore Montowese Avenue, Quick Follow, and more!

October 5th 2012 - A quick follow-up to yesterday's photo. Our new North Haven office is making progress. The foundation was poured this morning. We're on our way to Montowese Avenue!

October 8th 2012 - The forms are put in place to pour the concrete for the foundation walls.

October 15th 2012 - The foundation walls are up, and the new office is moving right along.

October 22nd 2012 - While the crew finishes up the back filling around the sides of the foundation, the basement floor is now in place.

November 16th 2012 - Now we're gettin' somewhere! The new office is starting to take shape. We're hoping to get the trusses in and the roof on as soon as we can.

September 19th 2012 - Before the new office could be built, the land had to be cleared, and this dilapidated house had to be removed from the property.

January 31st 2013 - The plastic off the front of our new office! The brick work is done on the exterior, and the windows are now in place too. Now the crew is working on the interior walls.

October 24th 2012 - The back-filling around the foundation is done, and A LOT of lumber has arrived at the new office to start the framework.

Janury 15th 2013 - The front of our new office is covered with plastic to keep the heat in, so our construction team can keep the mortar warm enough to put in more bricks.