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Calling ALL Mamas!! If you are expecting a baby OR have ever had one you can quicken your tummy's recovery with "It Works! Global" 4 wraps in a box = 1 treatment. (It's never too late)!! Congrats to this little mama who wrapped her tummy away!! com -

Did you know that It Works Global is not new to the Essentials Oils world?! You will find essential oils used throughout our BODYSKINCARE lines including rosemary and eucalyptus oils found in our BODY wraps and Defining Gel lavender and myrth oils in our FACIALS and orange peel and lavender in our cleanser just to name a few! SO we made OILS easy! We have four blends already put together for you:BOOM CHILL DEFEND CLEAR and Tea Tree Lavender Eucalyptus Lemon to be used topically with our…

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I get asked all of the time "Can you really make money with It Works?" My answer: "YEAH great money! Money to cut back your hours at work and eventually QUIT your job kind of money!!" Everyone joins for a different reason but this right here represents an average monthly income of just under $500 plus a ($500 BONUS) Do you know 4 people who would be interested in one of our 30 health wellness nutritional weight loss or skin care products? What about 3 people who may want to invest…

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Who else LOVES Essential Oils Would you be interested in an Oil Of The Month club It Works Global produces some of the very BEST Essential Oils available on the market today! Each month you will get... ( this is an example... You can try each oil or stick with one favorite) 1st month lavender 2nd month tea tree 3rd month lemon and then 4th month eucalyptus along with information about each one and their uses. Prices range from $15 to $23 per month. These oils are incredible…