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    3y Saved to Words
    • Zoe May

      This is so true people need to shut there big mouths and think about what they want to say before going and spreading it

    • Jeanne B.

      Truth: "Use wisdom and give it the 3 question test, is it true, is it necessary, and, would it hurt someone?"

    • Melanie Williams

      And even if you do see it and hear it... it's best to keep it to yourself! #poster #quote #saying #sign #gossip #truth

    • Tanya Avellaneda

      Exactly if you don't know how others feel or what they truly want in their life don't make up shit with your small mind and big mouth saying your imagination and delusion when it's just you lying to yourself.

    • Karrie Dudek

      I don't think I could say that any better. I cannot stand someone putting words in someone else's mouth especially when they know the words will hurt. Be honest with those around you. You can dye vinegar yellow but the bees will know the truth and find their honey.


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    • Monica Rogers

      LOVE THIS!!! This should be everyones motto, everyone would be so much happier in the world, no more gossip what a great way to live! Think about it, most people see a situation different in any event, add hot headed, or emotional issues and WHOA, it can be seen so different from all involved, thats why they say there is 2 sides to every story, and somewhere in the middle is the truth... don't get your nose into places it doesn't belong.~RP~

    • Megan Parker

      So true!! People need to really live by this!! Life would really be much simpler! :)

    • Samantha Schmidt

      Thought of the day..find the truth

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    wow so true!



    So me.

    Love of a mother #single mother

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    Don't gossip

    so true~

    So true



    How true...!