nukem the staffy

Puppy love <3

For the love of a black Labrador Retriever puppy dog in the snow... adorable!






This is how I feel. I feel like a sad, unloved puppy. This is so cute and sad. I just want to hug and cradle this baby and kiss its nose. <3: Cutest Puppy, Cute Animal, Cute Puppies, So Cute, Baby Animal, Cute Dog, Adorable Animal, Cutest Animal


Have you ever met a beagle puppy who didn't steal your heart?

Puppy love :)

A serious face!

hello there!

This proud pit puppy. | 42 Of The Most Important Puppies Of All Time

Sweet baby!

Sounds like this was written especially for my Staffie Dylan.

staffie pup

Blue and white staffie puppy