gray malin's work is incredible.

Find out what the best destinations in the World

The beach.

Sahara - Upside Down Portrait | Flickr - Photo by ~Kenny

Umbrellas in Tokyo

Voyeuristic Bird's Eye Views of People Inside Their Homes by French photographer Florian Beaudenon

Miami Pink Umbrellas, A striking aerial photograph from Gray Malin's "Art Deco Miami" series. Inspired by the colorful and whimsical 1920s and ’30s architecture of South Beach, Malin took to the skies of Miami to create this series. Focusing on specific umbrellas at the various beach clubs dotting the long sandy strip, each image pays homage to the nostalgic glamour of classic art deco style through form, repetition, and fabulous vibrant color.

the dance //aerial photograph of Iceland, by Andre Ermolaev

beach umbrella

New York City, USA. One day was not enough to see everything.


Worms eye view and Birds eye view

We'd love to join this pool party. We're always down for a cool down. #pool #water #fun

Birds eye view in autumn setting.

Beach umbrellas

beach and waves - Sossusvlei Flight, Namibia

Gray Malin.

bij kikkerperspectief is de foto altijd vanonder naar boven getrokken zodat het onderwerp veel groter lijkt

Bondi Beach - Australia

Birds eye view, I liked the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

"Stripe Parasols by the Sea" I like the blue white stripe umbrellas but I would not go to the beach and sit in a line that close to so many. S