• Mis Jenniferaniston

    Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls

  • Alexandra Danielle

    gooddamn thats truly stunning #watercolortattoo

  • Daisy Diaz

    ok, I know I would never get a tattoo.... but I kinda really like the watercolor fish tattoo.... so pretty D:

  • Matilde Batz

    Cute simple tattoo - I love it! #tattoo #tattoos #ink #tattoo design #tattoo patterns| http://awesometattoopics233.blogspot.com

  • Sindi Mehmeti

    Une splendeur à mes yeux!!! Red Black Fish. Lovely detail cool tatoo for the unique...or a retake on the koi fish... #fish tattoo #unique side tattoo #simple fish tattoo

  • Margaret Yost

    Watercolor fish #tattoo patterns #tattoo design| http://tattoo-patterns-520.blogspot.com

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Dining Room Aquarium

2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #310

2 gallon pico aquarium. Gorgeous aquascape. Plants: anubias nana petite, java fern, xmas moss. Lighting: MR16 fixture with a 5 watt 6000K LED lamp.

Saw a gorgeous tank w/Neon Tetras had to find out more. Love the background of these piece of art: Aqua Bonsai is a creative living art of micro aqua landscape in a vase or container with an abundance of aquatic plants. By using the natural ecosystem to maintain its life, it shows the harmony of living things. No air pump needed as the plants give off oxygen- it's just so peaceful! aquabonzai.com


Layout by Lupyo. The lighting is what makes this tank stand out... try getting creative with your lighting!

Open top aquarium with plants growing out of the water. Cool.

Aquascaping - How to make trees in planted aquarium - YouTube

We spend a lot of time on that bench!

itty bitty baby axolotls!

The concept behind the Riparium style is to recreate the wet habitats and ecosystems that are found at the banks of rivers, lakes and streams. In this habitat, marginal plants have their roots within an aquatic environment but grow their leaves outside of it.

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YAMAZAKI Osamu, Japan

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