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The ENFP approach to life.

Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours, I don’t mind.

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” - Anne Brontë great quote for my rose tattoo


Pinkies Up!

Peter Pan quote, would you like tea or adventure first; for tea party tea time

♥ GOOD MORNING everyone.... what do you think?I know I would LOOVE an #app  like this EVERY MORNING filled with #coffee  ! ♥   #coffeetime ...

☺ DesignByNettis: ♥ GOOD MORNING everyone. REALLY good idea for an app? THE best ideas for mobile apps that haven't been made yet.

porcelain medium dish screenprinted text if i know what love is hesse quote.   MADE TO ORDER

porcelain medium dish screenprinted text if i know what love is hesse quote. MADE TO ORDER

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Coffee is a hug in a mug quotes quote coffee morning good morning morning quotes…

and he said her name....

it's been an ugly day, she said, tell me something beautiful. He always tells me I'm beautiful, I love him with my whole heart.


There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messenger of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love quote Washington Irving

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"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

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I hope Gabe and my best friend Lillie will be in my life in years from now. ^^" I can't live without those two people.

save yourself little girl, stop waiting for someone to come and rescue you you are on your own. AND YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH.