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Meanwhile in front of Bulgaria's Judiciary Ministry

Ha! No one around me knows why I have a stupid grin on my face right now!!!

13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day: IT WORKS!! I laughed for 10 minutes after seeing the "we ride at dawn" baby picture.

Imagine this is a black lab and you'll be in my house when David is away for preseason...

Just keep looking at it...and keep on laughing. ahhhh hahaha!

When your dog is trying to tell you something… here to find out more

OK--much worse than my dog who will only drink water from the bathtub faucet.

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Because of INTP's intuitive qualities they are more interested in what could be than what is and thus are difficult to motivate for studies that are not aligned with their natural interests.

18 Funny Restaurant Signs | This one: Signs that aren't scared of critics