Makeup for Brown Eyes - When choosing the color for your eyes the essential thing to keep in mind is that dark colors can make your eyes look smaller while light, neutral hues can highlight your eyes, thus making them look bigger.

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Makeup by Linda Hallberg

I love this look,maybe with gold liner instead of silver,silver is still pretty though. Simple cat eye makeup with a metallic eyeliner layered above

Winged eyeliner on hooded eyelids // awesome tutorial for hooded eyes so your liner doesn't smudge into your crease! Especially if your liner doesn't stay well.

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hooded eyeliner is a bitch! "The trick is to not let any of the wing pass your natural eye crease.

Tutorial – Bigger eyes!

I have NO clue what she is saying, but I am thinking from the shading on the left eye vs. the shading on the right eye, that she used a very light shade to form a 'C' from the brow bone to under the eye.

Hollywood Glamour Eye Inspiration Makeup Tutorial #makeup #eyeshadow #beauty #eyes

Concrete Minerals, Anastasia, Glamour Doll Eyes, Sugarpill and Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Tutorial.

Maquillaje paso a paso Más Nos encanta :) We Love :) #maquillajepasoapaso

Maquillaje paso a paso Más Nos encanta :) We Love :) #maquillajepasoapaso