Jenna Marbles Harry Potter

Grumpy Cat - Patronus Seriously can not stop laughing!

I must find this person haha!

best quote <3 HP!

harry potter funny | Tumblr#

Horses and Harry Potter?? Perfection!

Harry potter...

TWELVE YEARS Finding Nemo/Dory meets Sirius from Harry Potter witch just happen to be some of the best books(Harry Potter) and movie(Finding Nemo) ever!! =^.^=


Harry Potter cereals // it was funny til I saw "7 fun shapes" -- now it's hilarious

and does Mr Harry Potter have his key? even better! he has a drawing of key! #harryPotter #JackSparrow


Hahaha! That's awesome. The proposal's probably my favorite!

Cartoon Logic haha


If Hermione were me. This might happen in HP Unrated.