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Ahh yeah, one of the reasons I don't drink often. Funny Weekend Ecard: Those five seconds where you go from tipsy to pole dance wasted.

somOMG how many times a day do I want to yell this?e ecards | Tumblr

8 Office Supplies that Double Up as Emergency Fashion Fixes

Funny Confession Ecard: I lose track of how many times a day I'd like to turn to someone and say 'you can't seriously be this freaking stupid!

Yes! Like those compact tampons, made to be discreet, yea right! Move the slightest with one in your pocket, "Excuse me miss, is that a diaper rustling around in your pants?!"

Can I get a silent tampon wrapper please? Sounds like I'm opening a bag of Sun Chips up in here. - Just having a snack ignore the crinkling in the stall next to you

They should put more wine in the bottle...so there's enough for two people.

"They should put more wine in the bottle. so there's enough for two people." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

My biggest pet peeve in the English language. SMH at all the adults that write alot.

I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure the kids took it.

"I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure the kids took it." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

Yes, yes it is!

Pacifically this one drives me crazy! My EX said that all the time and it drove me crazy.

Something many people often do!!! And please dont take this in any offensive way whatsoever!!!! I have been cheated on, lied to, raped, beaten, molested, homeless... so please... SERIOUSLY!

There is not a person alive who can deny relating to this. We all have a crazy side, our tolerance levels are just different before the wrong button gets punched.