Ouse Valley viaduct

Cathédrale Saint Paul, Londres

Yes, definitely.

Abandoned castle halls.

corridor - love the depth on this....

gracefully these colors!!

Colors to enhance a fascade.

LOVE these colorful shutters! and greenery.

Rainy Day, Lucerne, Switzerland

Night time waves

photography tips for water reflections, abstracts, splashes, puddles and more

Stunning Moroccan colour


Stained glass - Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, Persia


Today, I choose to let go of the pain,hurt, resentment, sadness, guilt and negativity that I've been holding on to since forever and thatbI've allowed to consume my life. Quote

birch trees

Nice shot

Rainbow Arches by Michael Adcock

Intricate architecture mixed with simple light and shadow.