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100 of the Funniest Funny Chapter Books for Kids

Terrific funny books for kids. Chapter books for all ages. Awesome resource for books! All books have a short review. Excited to read these! There is a great…

The magic of new beginnings

uest Post: How to Make Readers Care About Your Characters by Brianna da Silva 1. I introduced both characters early in the story (Prologue and Chapter 1). 2. I created sympathy for both characters. (Traumatic forms in both instances.) 3. I put both characters in jeopardy, almost…

Rick Riordan’s chapter names. This is funny because my brother's name is Carter... and he would do something stupid... and we wouldn't be totally surprised.

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Lol i love the one Percy Jackson a titan who holds up the sky while the others laugh at him .... Its true though

Collision Course (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover) - Chapter One

The Funniest Books Coming in 2017

Funny books to read this year if you're looking for a laugh.