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{Butterfly by Bill Mangold}  Go on, hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly.  There's no better way to fly.  ~Pat Monahan, Scott Michael Underwood, and James W. Stafford, "Get To Me"

These fabulous flowers are perfect for weddings, gifts, or the house. is my favorite by amberleyc

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Three Red Butterflys Photograph by Garry Gay - Three Red Butterflys Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Butterfly weed - need to plant more flowers to attract butterflies. don't forget about butterflyworkx.com

Though it has the word weed in its common name, don't let that scare you away from butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa). Sometimes called milkweed, it's as easy to grow as a weed but much prettier, plus hummingbirds and butterflies love them!

Tiger Swallowtails - Pixdaus

Trio of western tiger swallowtail butterflies. yellow and black butterflies on yellow flowers


Butterfly by Debbie Karnes: Beautiful Butterflies, Blue Butterfly, Butterfly Mariposas

Red Cracker butterfly (Hamadryas amphinome)  is a species of cracker butterfly in the family Nymphalidae (20 members). They acquired their common name “cracker” due to the unusual way that males produce a "cracking" sound as part of their territorial displays as they fly to interact with other insects.

Red Cracker butterfly (Hamadryas amphinome) at the San Diego Zoo (photo by Rich Thompson)