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Born 1959: Year of Pig - The pig is the last animal sign on the Chinese zodiac. (I am also Pisces, 12th sign of the Zodiac) They have such traits as diligence, sympathy, and generosity. With great concentration, once set a goal, they will devote all energy to achieve the goal. Careful, calm, rarely seek help from others. Self sufficient. Extremely loyal and protective of their children.

Clotild's Perfect Day, Bonnie Marris SMALLWORK CANVAS EDITION

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61" Abstract figurative painting on canvas "Flowers and butterflies" purple red blue color light thick paint huge wall painting Jewish art

The 15 Most Spectacular Hummingbirds!

Fiery-throated Hummingbird - There are about 338 different species of hummingbirds. There are few other birds that rival the spectacular iridescence of the Fiery-throated Hummingbird. Found only in the cloud forest of Costa Rica and western Panama.