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My whole life just fell into place. It's like the entire universe has been explained. I'm dying right now.

THAT. IS. AWESOME.why didnt i had a teacher like that would have spared me so much drama XD

Because of INTP's intuitive qualities they are more interested in what could be than what is and thus are difficult to motivate for studies that are not aligned with their natural interests.

Reasons for drinking...

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

Most Helpful Customer Review. I find this hilarious because I drink so much of the stuff.

hiding under a bean bag chair to avoid going to gym class... I am

hahaha! kind of true... really, everyone is always comparing themselves with another... time to stop this crap!

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What is it Rodney Atkins sang? Oh yeah, "Talked to a Genie in a bottle of Jim Beam and she LIED to you!" hahaha this whole thing totally made it chortle at work. Tori Sdao Alcala-Martini

This probably has much more realism and seriousness in it than people give him credit for. All the faith int he world to him and his sobriety and such.