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When Joseph and Nicodemus found that the servants had prepared the things required for the entombment, they returned to the top of Calvary, where the Virgin was still holding the body of her Son. The soldiers still formed a guard around the top of the hill. The women brought sponges, water in earthen vases, linens, unguents and spices. All remained respectfully gazing on the Virgin as she went on with her mournful task. Magdalen remained at the feet of the body. John stood near the Mother,

From the final exhortation of Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr - Love and perseverance are the crown of faith

He carried His cross but because of all the beatings, his human body fell under it's load. Such hatred for Christ is still alive today. | David Mach's Golgotha at Chester Cathedral (18th March 2016) | Taken on the opening day of the amazing David Mach exhibition of Golgotha at Chester Cathedral. For more information, see: #ChesterCulture