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The Plan.

I pray for the day my wife puts her pride away. I knew she was going to leave me when her and her mom went to the Bible looking for loopholes to divorce me instead of reasons to stay.

30 Famous Quotes You Must Know

30 Famous Quotes You Must Know

This quotation isn't actually by Einstein. But whoever said this, I love it!

ಌ♡ಌ Ĩภʂ℘ἶґą৳ἶσȵąℓ Ꭶąƴἶȵɠʂ ಌ♡ಌ ~ New Ideas for Life: Albert Einstein quotes

The Peacemakers...why did they have to die? Not pictured, the greatest peacemaker of all time...Jesus Christ.

All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance - Isn't it sad, these men standing so strongly for peace, die at the hands of a psycho with a gun.

 On Point!!!

Haha to all my friends who think there cute because there natural face, bitch u just don't know how to put makeup on .newsflash, u need makeup

Surprise me! It doesn't have to extreme like this everyday, but give me something out of the ordinary every now and then

The perfect first date includes an unplanned adventure, laughter, possibly a trip to the ER for some stupid, non-lethal injury, and a million happy memories.

That's the true

Don't we, as independent women know this is the damn truth? Lol insecurities can ruin the relationship that fast. Be careful gentlemen on how you use your insecurities towards your women.