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    Dr. Tracy Ginsburg also specializes in implant surgery to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, and full arches. She also performs wisdom tooth extractions and frenectomies, or the removal of aberrant pieces of tissue, called a frenulum, that can bind the tongue or the lips and prevent them from moving properly.

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    Few dental tips you can follow if you are suffering from diabetes i. Try to quit or minimize smoking. ii. Control sugar intake in your diet. iii. Brush and floss regularly. iv. Visit our dentist regularly for your dental health inspection

    Dental Tip: Brush thoroughly. Tooth brushing should take between two and three minutes.

    She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth. Benjamin Franklin

    Tooth cavities are caused by tooth decay that can occur when foods containing carbohydrates become trapped between teeth, and are not completely removed with brushing and flossing. Bacteria living in the mouth digest these foods, generating acidic byproducts that can eat away at tooth enamel. An early visit to our dentist can make you free from the cavities. Consult our dentist: www.drrosskapland...

    If you feel pain when you chew, find that your jaw has limited movement, or have radiating pain in your face, neck, or shoulders. Consult our dentist for the solution : Give a call: www.drrosskapland... or (203) 281-3700

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    Naturally occurring amino acid could improve oral health: Arginine, a common amino acid found naturally in foods, breaks down dental plaque, which could help millions of people avoid cavities and gum disease.

    The importance of a healthy mouth need not be told. You can eat, drink, smile, talk, live, easily and painlessly, when your mouth is doing fine. This is the reason why oral care is given a prime position in every healthcare related issue.

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    Dr. Tracy Ginsburg began her career as a self-employed practitioner in 1999; she founded Associated Periodontists in 2002 with the goal of providing patients with top-quality care, from the initial consultation through post procedure checkups. She completed specialty training in periodontics and anesthesiology at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia and maintains certification with the American Board of Periodontology.