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    Write a conversation between the cat and mouse. Tom and Jerry?

    Oh wow! What a great writing prompt!!

    REALISM & FANTASY: When you look at this image, think about what could actually happen in a real life setting, and what would only happen in a fantasy setting. List your ideas in a T-chart in your reading journal.

    Top 10 ways to Protect Birds from Cats; Some simple measure you can make your garden more safe for birds - I'm desperate for some advice to protect a robin's nest from cats!!

    Students view different photo each day and make 5 observations, 5 inferences, and 5 predictions. LOVE this idea!!

    What Can I write about? Writing ideas for little ones

    what do they see on the other side? Great writing picture prompt.

    how is this going to end? mouse and cat | writing prompt | photo prompt | elementary writing | story starter

    writing ideas

    Writing Prompt - Super Powers

    200+ visual writing prompts

    I find these pictures in one list I subscribe to. I don't know where they originate from though.

    great writing prompt!!!

    Writing Pin #1: Writing prompts help students eliminate writer’s block. Insert something into a brown paper bag and have students touch but not look. This will open up multiple possibilities and encourage students to write.

    UNDER THE RUG amazing pictures for creative story writing

    Trapped in a snow globe writing

    Let's write, right?

    Teaching students to "show" in their writing.

    Write a paragraph explaining what just happened.

    Great exercise in rounding out your character. I'm gonna start doing this for some of my bigger characters, and some minor.