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REALISM & FANTASY: When you look at this image, think about what could actually happen in a real life setting, and what would only happen in a fantasy setting. List your ideas in a T-chart in your reading journal.

Write about what this cat did to land itself in trouble. | writing prompt | #photo prompt | story starter | writing prompt

Top 10 ways to Protect Birds from Cats; Some simple measure you can make your garden more safe for birds - I'm desperate for some advice to protect a robin's nest from cats!!

zendictivefrom zendictive

hello summer

PICTURE WRITING PROMPT~ Write a short story to explain the problem and solution.

Cottage in the Oaksfrom Cottage in the Oaks

This Means War

Creative writing prompt picture

QUESTIONING: What questions come to mind when you see this image? List your questions in your reading journal.


14 creative and funny examples of luggages and suitcases

I find these pictures in one list I subscribe to. I don't know where they originate from though. Great writing prompt!

Art and Designfrom Art and Design

Fantasy Paintings by Tristan Elwell

"Return of the Indian Yearling" - Tristan Elwell {contemporary fantasy artist giant cat cowboy painting}

10 TERRIFYING TWO-SENTENCE HORROR STORIES - Imgur ~ this scares me because my cat is always staring at me