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My poor mom me and my sister had to have every single bop and teen beat that came out!

Bop magazine, Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan, Andrew and Matthew Lawrence, JTT! This pretty much sums up middle school

Girly stuff from the 90s. I totally had this lipstick. It might have also been scented, but I could be thinking of another one.

Bonnie Bell Lip Shades - I could instantly taste this lipstick in my head the moment I looked at this ad. I thought the packaging made it the most futuristic thing ever.

juice bar cotton candy

You were a kid in the if . you had at least one or more scented body glitter spray perfume. I never could make up mind mind whether Cotton Candy or Gummy Bear was my favorite scent, LOL.

My entire ceiling was covered back in the day!

The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late '90s

Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars. I had these everywhere. On my ceiling and wall.

Lady LovelyLocks Randoms  by Lady LovelyLocks, via Flickr

Lady LovelyLocks Randoms - I had the clips, book, and mirror set there laying down

My Candy Land in the 90's. My favorite board game.

My Candy Land in the My favorite board game.<<< me and my sister always fought over Queen Frostine -_-