Annie Lennox holding the 'Hear the World' pose to help raise awareness about hearing loss (photography by Bryan Adams)

When the Brain Can’t Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder

Navigating Deafness On The Way to a Rhodes Scholarship: Rachel Kolb at TEDxStanford

Deaf Jam Directed by Judy Lieff - Aneta Brodski seizes the day. She is a deaf teen introduced to American Sign Language (ASL) Poetry, who then boldly enters the spoken word slam scene. In a wondrous twist, Aneta, an Israeli immigrant living in the Queens section of New York City, eventually meets Tahani, a hearing Palestinian slam poet. The two women embark on a collaboration/performance duet - creating a new form of slam poetry that speaks to both the hearing and the Deaf.

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) Lesson. Very basic words that could really help someone in need who is hearing impaired.

Hearing loss simulation, this allows you to hear what people with different levels of hearing loss hear

Heather Leigh Whitestone McCallum (born February 24, 1973 in Dothan, Alabama) is a former beauty queen (Miss Alabama 1994, Miss America 1995) who was the first deaf Miss America title holder, having lost most of her hearing at the age of 18 months.

Hearing with eyes

ASL is a great 2nd language to learn for hearing people. Here's a free set of 30 lessons, videos, quizzes, practice sheets and more from ASL. Enjoy!

I Really Love You Sign Language Rubber Stamps Hearing Loss, Deaf ...

Video to help understand hearing loss and hearing impairment by explaining how hearing works. Cochlear implants can help children and adults with hearing loss.

Cool Hearing Aid Designs

I can hear with my eyes

"Deaf" or "Hard of Hearing" are preferred over "hearing impaired" which is culturally distasteful and has a negative, derogatory connotation.

Deaf Culture vs. Hearing Culture - (also, stomping on the ground to create vibrations is a perfectly acceptable way to attract a deaf individual's attention)

Understanding hearing loss, a real world example chart for hearing people.

In hearing culture, many deaf or hard of hearing children are forced to abandon American Sign Language in order to communicate more like hearing people. This poem is about that.

Some hands keep repeating themselves until you hear them.

25 extraordinary women who have helped shape feminism over the years: Beyonce

Pragmatics checklist (designed for children with hearing loss but looks helpful for other kids too)