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Vase, 1915; Sara Galner ; Paul Revere Pottery (also known as the "Saturday Evening Girls") (American, 1908–42). Earthenware

Fig.4 Place the platter on a foam rubber chuck on the wheel and create the center spiral as the wheel turns.

I like the idea of un-glazed clay against the brightly colored glaze. Susan Brown Freeman, Birmingham, AL Glaze against raw clay-beautiful! charliebgallery.c...

Cinderelish - I saw this work at NCECA and am pretty sure it is what pushed me to start experimenting with sgraffito.

Amazing site Lakeside Pottery - Methods of Clay Hand-Building techniques

sgraffito technique | miranda thomas sgraffito carving process technique pottery ... | Pott ...

Sgraffito Pottery: The following work is formed by hand, on the potters wheel or by sculpting, using porcelain or stoneware. The clay body has a very smooth texture, which is ideal, as it acts like a canvas for surface decoration. The pots are painted with under glazes and slips, then carved using the sgraffito method, an ancient and time consuming technique of scratching a design through the surface. After the decoration is complete, the pots are bisque fired, glazed and fired again.

Sgraffito Pottery Technique - decorating pottery technique by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery, then scratching off areas to create contrasting images - by Lakeside Pottery

How to make picture vases with Sgraffito

Going Low Tech: A Step by Step Guide to Burnishing Pottery By Sumi von Dassow, April 25, 2011   Read Comments (26)      Print This Post Bur...

Handbuilding Pottery Projects Ideas and Pictures | Art Studio in Stamford CT