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    CANDY SUSHI!! Fruit roll ups, twizzlers and rice krispie treats. great kid party ideas. (they were cool. the kids i made them for didnt know what they were! im not to big on rise krispys but i think they were good)

    Trix Krispies.

    How to make Candy Sushi with kids

    Fairy Bread: I suggest you mix spreadable cream cheese with vanilla extract and a bit of sugar. Then sprinkle with candy bits and roll up.

    Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brushes for Art Birthday Party

    Dessert Sushi! Ingredients: LCM bars/Rice Krispies bar for the rice Air Heads, either the short ones or long ones, in orange, pink (or red), and white - sashimi blue and green Fruit Roll-Ups - for the nori Swedish Fish - for the sashimi Gummy worms/snakes - for the filling

    Rice Krispie "sushi" made with Swedish Fish and Fruit Roll-ups

    sushi I can eat. Rice krispie treats, swedish fish, gummy worms and fruit roll-ups.... yum!

    How to Make Candy Sushi. Looks easy and amazing! With rice crispy treats and green fruit roll-ups as nori.

    sushi for kids ... cut crust off bread, slightly flatten bread with rolling pin, spread 1 tsp creamy salad dressing on bread, add 2 slices ham, 2 strips of cheese, a few carrot sticks and a sweet pickle. Roll up and cut into 3 pieces. So cute for lunch or after school snack. Add the PB & J Sushi and the Rice Krispies Sushi and you have a party!

    Cinnamon Roll Waffles - brilliant! This is actually the best idea ever.

    Okay, seriously, how cool are these sushi rolls? Grab some fruit rolls and gummy fish and let's get crafty with food!

    Rice Krispy treat Ice Cream cones - Rice Krispy's made with sprinkles, mound up to look like ice cream on top of cone, drizzle with melted chocolate, add red M (or sixlet) for the cherry. Would be a cute snack for the kids to take to Awana's on their birthdays

    Candy Sushi! Swedish fish, Fruit roll ups, Twizzlers, rice krispie treats.

    sushi sandwiches

    strawberry sheet cake. yum! talk about another perfect valentine's day treat!

    Your little monkey will go bananas for this fun snack.

    Do-it-yourself fruit rollups! No added sugar or chemicals- just strawberries and cinnamon! Yum!

    Easy to make and a huge hit with kiddos! We keep a roll (or three) in the freezer as a quick on-the-go sweet treat.

    Rice Krispie Turkeys

    Sushi cake