A brother from the wild side, but too cute to ignore

Fox kits

kit fox...

☀cross fox kit

Fox kit

Mother red fox and kit

Wolves are so majestic. You can get lost insides their eyes #wild #animal #forest #meadow #woodland #cute #outdoors #wilderness #creatures #wolf

fox kit

Black Wolf--Beautiful, while still slightly freaking me out as I remember my old Big Bad Wolf fear. I still love wolves though and it's only the pose/angle that gets me.

The Look by Henrik Nilsson, via 500px - "This captive timber wolf gives me a good look during a rare snow storm. Wolves are one of my favorite mammals. Image captured in North Vancouver, #wild animals

White #wolves Even after 10 years I'm still in love with these beautiful creatures

Red fox kit

Red Fox Kits

Grey Fox Kit

cute fox kits

Fox Kits

Fox Kits

Red Fox kit by Korkeasaaren

Fox kits giving Momma some kisses

~~Alert Red Fox adult and kit by Impisi~~

~~Wild Fox Kits by Karen Crowe Photography~~