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Or this?

Most Terrifying Childhood Hairstyles 15 dos that should have been don'ts on Picture Day. # 3 must be in prison by now as a convicted serial killer!

Do your kids love to be silly and make "bunny ears" during photos?

Wordless Wednesdays - Our Ballerinas Turn to Jazz

Tiny Feet

Can't wait for my daughter to start dance classes or want to become a ballerina =)

Princess pouncey bottom ??? Alrighty then

My name is Doctor Kitty Von Litter. Three weird things with that. First, Doctor Who is my favorite show. Second, my name is Kitty. Third, my teacher in high school called me "Kitty Litter" because my last name is leonard.

Little Girl Hairstyle

The hair style is very important to create a new look to your baby face. The modern hair cut make the style classy look. For the little girls the bob is a simple cutting for them.

The boy who was raised without toys; this website talks about how less toys for children (especially electronics) can aid in their development and keep them more easily occupied and content... Very interesting!

The Boy With No Toys: 8 ways to prevent toy overload. Good way to keep kids creative!

Heehee. May VAME always be loyal to one another.

If you mess with me, my sister will hurt you. If you mess with my sister, I will hurt you. Don't ever think about messing with someone's sister

I want a picture like thisss

I wish the little girl was holding her dress up and looking at the camera. This is such a cute idea. Like a trash the dress session with a little girl. I wonder if anyone has ever trashed the dress with their flower girl.