Blend 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup crushed ice, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice. One 8-oz cup offers 100% of your daily value for beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights cancer

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie: Blend cup canned pumpkin, cup vanilla soy milk, cup crushed ice, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

4. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie | Community Post: 101 Pumpkin Recipes From Drinks To Dessert

101 Pumpkin Recipes From Drinks To Dessert

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice Smoothie and other healthy desserts. FINALLY things I can eat/drink!

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Peanut Butter protien shake My Peanut Butter Lover Protein Shake 1 scoop peanut butter protein powder (vanilla will also work) 1 TB natural peanut butter (I use for this recipe) 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk banana (preferably frozen) ice cubes

Here are 50 deliciously healthy smoothie recipes that are great to fix during summer!

50 Skinny, 5-Ingredient-Or-Less Smoothie Recipes

Health shake recipes ♥ Healthy shake recipes Need new ideas for smoothies? Here are 50 ideas for you with 5 ingredients or less!

A yummy fall take on dessert! Pumpkin Pie Smoothie from

Sweet Almond Oil (Pure, Cold Pressed, Paraben & Hexane Free)

With a light velvety texture and a unique mixture of skin repairing vitamins and minerals, our Pure Sweet Almond Oil is a cold pressed, all natural, paraben & hexane free nourishing moisturizing

Banana Smoothie Recipe - Smoothie Diets-It’s delicious and so easy to create! I developed this banana smoothie recipe which is super-quick and flavorsome, so I want to share it along with you!

Banana Smoothie Recipe - Smoothie Diets

Going Frozen Banana Protein Shake Delicious protein shake filled with all the nutrition you need for muscle repair to help your body recover after a hard workout.

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe - Ice coffee blended drink made with milk, vanilla and cocoa powder. 43 Cal. for over 2 cups!.

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe - Ice coffee blended drink made with milk, vanilla and cocoa powder. for over 2 cups! --- Here's the ADVOCARE way::: Iced decaf coffee, almond milk, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Blend and yum and clean!

Food Mood

A Protein-Packed Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Makes Every Day a Good Day

Vegan, Gluten free
∙ Serves 1
  • 1/2 Banana, frozen
  • 1 Pinch Ginger, ground
  • 1/2 cup Pumpkin, canned or freshly cooked
  • 3/4 cup Almond milk
Canned Goods
  • 1/2 scoop Vanilla protein powder
Baking & Spices
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp Pumpkin pie spice
Simply too healthy, too easy & too delicious! I'm totally doing this!! Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup pumpkin puree, 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt , 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk (or vanilla soy milk), few shakes of pumpkin pie spice, 4-5 ice cubes. Done.

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