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    William the Conqueror William was born in around 1028, in Falaise, Normandy. William was duke of Normandy and, as William I, the first Norman king of England. He defeated and killed the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, King Harold II, at the Battle of Hastings. He was known as 'William the Bastard' to his contemporaries.

    Barclay Towie Castle - not sure if this is what the original castle looked like, but it did come up in a search.

    NFP: Images of William the Conqueror (1008-1087) - King of England 1066-1087

    King William I. (The Conqueror)

    Gravestone of William the Conqueror in St Stephen’s Monastery in Caen. He became so fat in his later years, and bloated further after death so he exploded when they tried to cram him into his casket.

    Tomb of Robert Curthose, William the Conqueror's eldest son.

    Genealogy and Ancestry of Barack Obama and the Other U.S. Presidents: William "the Conqueror", King of England - George Washington's 19-22nd Great-Grandfather

    William I, usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087.

    Robert, Duke of Normandy. Son of William the Conqueror; was intended to be king after the death of his brother William Rufus but their younger brother Henry I had other ideas! I had no idea he was buried in England

    Warwick Castle, England ~ Founded in 1068 by William the Conqueror