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Funny April Fools Day Birthday Cake Pranks Ideas 2014 - Best One

April Fool’s is a great “get out of jail free” card for all those passive aggressive, sometimes cruel pranks you’re dying to play on your friends and coworkers during the entire year. Here are 31 glorious ways you can prank your friends and make this the best, or most infuriating, April Fool’s day ever.

Soy Sauce Surprise - 16 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Food Pranks for All Generations



April fools day:):

The 21 Funniest Pictures Of Today's Internet

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The genius who came up with this: The 21 Funniest Roommate Trolls Of All Time but my future "roommate" dosent drink pop!

How To Make Friends.  LMAO

how-to-make-friends hate you- April Fools jokes

Sucking sauce prank

Sucking sauce prank

Funny pictures about The Sucking Sauce Prank. Oh, and cool pics about The Sucking Sauce Prank. Also, The Sucking Sauce Prank.

I would probably never ever want to or would feel the need to do #2, but the rest are great!

Five Quick Pranks

Five Quick Pranks Strictly For Men Awesome prank

Best April fools Pranks and Practical Jokes  more at> http://www.bestaprilfoolspranks.com/2014/03/best-april-fools-pranks-and-practical.html

Looking for the perfect April Fools Day Prank? Here are 20 of the funniest April Fools Day pranks for you to prank your friends, family, or coworkers. Your sure to have a laugh at the reactions you will get to these clever pranks.

HAHA this one is epic...

calm down thid Don't exist on play store anymore but it's still funny

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How to prank your roommate -


Funny pictures about Defrost Confetti Prank. Oh, and cool pics about Defrost Confetti Prank. Also, Defrost Confetti Prank.

Fruity in a Weird way

Forget lemon cars, how about melon cars?

BAHAHA I want to do the vanilla in mayonaise and the white chocolate in deoderant

Things to eat/drink in public to look like a Maniac. Oh, hello April Fools Day!

Haha...the mint falls in when it opens.... we may attach a "Thank You For the Awesome Work- The Class of 2015

Mentos prank: when the drinker twists the lid to open it, the string is no longer taut and the mento falls into the soda and explosion occurs. Great idea for April Fools! Omg how funny!


Try and guess how is my fav tennis player