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10 Wild Plants You Can Eat

10 Wild Plants You Can Eat **Do NOT eat the flower stems of dandelion. Glue in stick form, really bitter. Remove all stem, the rest is really good for you and the roots can help prevent kidney stones, and clear deposits from pill coatings out of the liver. Change the water after 5 min., to remove bitter taste. It's still packed with vitamins. Flower heads make a great wine.

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How to Perform the Universal Edibility Test

How to Perform the Universal Edibility Test - Determining what you can safely eat and what is not safe for you to ingest is a key to wilderness survival skills. Knowing how identify edible wild plants is critical. Learning to complete the universal edibility test should be a priority before you set out on any camping trip or even a hike in the mountains. Preparation can save your life.

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Karen McCartney catches cabin fever

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Edible Wild Plants: 19 Wild Plants You Can Eat to Survive in the Wild